New Religions
Masayo Urasaki
10 July 2012
Today’s Class Goal
1)To understand Tenrikyou(天理教)’s
brief history and founder’s
2)To consider “Country” in today’s
Oyasama(親祖)/ Ms.Miki Nakayama(中
 Oyagami(親神)/ Tenri O no mikoto(天
 Oyasato(親里)/ Jiba(ぢば)
 Ojiba gaeri(おぢばかえり)
 Yoki gurashi(陽気ぐらし)
 Hinoki shin(ひのきしん)
What is Tenri(天理)?
One of a Sectarian Shinto sect(教派神道)
 Tenri 天理
天 ten → Heaven
理 ri → truth, reason
・ Founded at Shoyashiki village (now Tenri
city) Nara prefecture in 1838.
・Official membership count is 1,635,000
(churches almost 17000)
Religious town Tenri city(天理市)
Only one place where
the city name from
New Religion
organization in Japan
・Schools (From elementary to
・Hospital (Ikoi-no ie 憩いの家)
・Cultural Institutions
Tenri city, Nara Pref.
Founder / Oyasama(親祖)
Mrs. Miki Nakayama (中山みき)
Born 1798, Housewife married to a farmer.
In 26 October 1838, Miki was 41 years old,
trance and attributed to Gad the parent,
From God’s order, she settled as the Shrine
of God
She help pregnant women as witch doctor.
Wobiya yurushi(をびや許し)
Died 1887 (90 years)
The Home of the Parent
Oyasato(親里)/ Jiba(ぢば)
Where God the
parent resides
 Oyasama (Miki
Nakayama) lives
through all eternity.
 The Place of Origin
where Got the
parent created
(Original Myth)
Ojiba gaeri(おじばがえり)
Coming to Tenri
→ Returning to Jiba
Returning to the Home of the Parent
Main teaching
Yo-ki gurashi (陽気ぐらし)
God’s purpose in creating human beings was
to take delight in seeing their Joyous Life.
 Human being was not realized them, were
lost in their self-centered imagination and
brought suffering and sorrow upon
 God revealed through Mrs.Miki at the
promised time in order to save all humankind
by teaching the path of single-hearted
How to become membership
Registration at Church
 Take course lecture “Besseki(別席)”
attend once a month (take 9 months)
☆Purpose: replace the minds with
truly sincere and Joyous mind
 After finish Sazuke(さずけ) ceremony,
become member of “Yo-boku(よふぼく、用木)”
→ Touryo 棟梁 (Leader)
→ Shinbashira 真柱 President)
<there words from carpenters>
Thanks for God and other all things,
engaged “Volunteer activities”
with cheerful mind.
Ex: Cleaning up the Churches
Helping others who are suffering
Attitude toward Nation’s control
・Meiji Era
Oyasama arrested because of “ law of
prohibit local charm / magic medicine”
→ Supported established Busshism
Shingon Shu(真言宗)
・Before WWII
after Oyasama’s death, successor tried to
become official religion
They obey the government’s order
(Change the doctrine, Donate airplanes,
take up the volunteer of the war)
The most characteristics point of
Tenri kyou is having only city/town
which have named themselves.
So, let’s think about the “Country”
what do you want to live!!

Oyasato(親里)/ Jiba(ぢば)