By: Chantal Ward & Jessica Yakashiro
シャンテル ワード & ジェシカ ヤカシロ
Origami is the ancient
Japanese art of paper
folding. It is from the
meaning oru(おる)
which means folding
and kami(かみ) which
means paper. The
main idea of origami
is to make a
representation of the
object without using
glue or cutting paper.
Origami was introduced in
the 6th century.
• Originally started in china.
• Only the rich could afford it
• Was used in Shinto
Three different types of paper
Kami (かみ)
2. Foil-back paper
3. Washi (わし)
•The most common origami is the
paper crane.
•The paper crane is a mystical
Japanese best.
•There is a legend that says anyone
who makes a thousand paper
cranes will be granted one wish.
There are tools to help you fold the paper so
you get a good crease and sharp fold. They
were originally made from elk, deer, or cow
bone. But now they are made from plastic or